To Our Dear QMF Family,

What a strange time we all live in hey!? We hope you're keeping busy, safe, and maybe enjoying a live streamed concert from the comfort of your couch. Speaking of which, check out the news below about our first official live streamed concert with the Pierce Brothers on Monday June 22nd.

I want to continue to keep you updated on our current thoughts around this years festival and where we might be heading.

As of right now, we're still aiming to have a Festival this November 27-29. Signs seem to be slightly more positive of a return to events this year than they were in April/May. As restrictions ease, and Australia continues to show positive signs, we think there is still hope! We'd ask you to please keep all your fingers and toes crossed and sanitised, over the coming weeks!

We are realists though, and there is absolutely a long way to go before festivals/events of our size will be permitted and lots of things need to go right between now and then. It also takes a mountain of work to pull together a Festival of our size, so there does come a point in time when we need to make the call either way. That point in time we believe is the end of July at the latest. We are hopeful that in the next 7 weeks we'll have a clearer picture of what might be possible for the end of November, and we will communicate any further updates as soon as we can. I would expect that the next time you hear from me through this channel will be to announce our plans for this year.

At the forefront of any decision around holding an event this year will be the safety of our patrons, artists, crew, volunteers, vendors, staff, and community.

I'd also like to again reiterate as clearly as possible... if we are unable to hold the Festival this year we will offer FULL REFUNDS ON TICKETS immediately. If this occurs we'll also have the option for you to hold on to your ticket until next years festival as well.

Please consider donating to Support Act - who are supporting music workers impacted by the COVID-19.

Also please consider visiting Queenscliff & Point Lonsdale soon. It's a beautiful part of the world as I'm sure you all know, and we'd love to see you here this Winter. We're all looking forward to welcoming you, safely, back to town! This coming weekend would have been the opening weekend of our Low Light Festival, but sadly the world had other plans!

Should you have any questions, please contact us directly via hello@qmf.net.au

Much Love,

Andrew Orvis & Team QMF xo

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