About QMF Inc

The Queenscliff Music Festival is a registered not-for-profit organisation.

QMF Inc. came to life through a series of public forums held in 1996 that established community support for the dream… for Queenscliff to host a great music festival.

The “Last Weekend in November” was chosen with the purpose of converting a lull in the tourist season into a peak time for the local tourism industry.

This vision is now a reality with QMF recognised as one of Tourism Victoria’s honoured Hall of Fame inductees as well as nominated as an official Regional Victorian Hallmark Event. The event has also risen to national prominence, evidenced by the Australian Tourism title of “Most Significant Festival and Event”.

The QMF charter is dedicated to adding value to the cultural development of our community. The first Festival was held in 1997 and has developed into a robust organisation with sound economic management.

QMF is instrumental in putting Queenscliff on the map nationally and increasingly, globally. As such, the Festival is nominated in the Borough of Queenscliffe’s strategic documents as being a vital plank in the Borough’s economic development.

Vision Statement

The Queenscliff Music Festival delivers and develops excellence in Australian contemporary music and celebrates community.

Mission Statement

Queenscliff Music Festival Inc will:

  • Offer its audience a unique experience, delivered in style, memorable and family-friendly;

  • Feature the depth and breadth of Australian contemporary artists and foster emerging talent - whilst embracing the incorporation of special international guests, if appropriate;

  • Provide an exceptional  event with high quality venues, services and management;

  • Generate cultural and economic benefits to the community;

  • Foster and develop community ownership through a well-supported and enthusiastic team of staff and volunteers; and

  • Plan for long term sustainability through financial responsibility and good governance.


Volunteers donate their time both throughout the year and over the Festival weekend.

There is a team of about 40 people who take on key volunteer management roles and around 500 volunteers who work during the event itself.

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