Stefan West


Addiction, Mental health & suicide were too close to Stefan for many years. Music helped him find a way to connect with himself to share the words he thought he couldn't.

Music became an outlet that helped him make sense of the positions he had found himself in all too often.

His previous project, The Velvet Addiction, saw many successes with the likes of national airplay on Triple M, Rebel Fm and MTV. The band toured with the likes of Justin Bobby (USA)(MTV's The Hills), Dizzy Reed (USA)(Guns n Roses) and a list of many local legends. After being invited to a punk rock festival in New Caledonia with New Zealand powerhouses band Ekko Park (NZ), success continued to follow them.

After beginning a career in the Yoga industry, Stefan left the band in early 2019. He started his first self-titled solo venture, leading to much self-reflection on the direction he wanted his Music to take. When performing with the band, the Music was good, and the shows were fun, but it didn't feel like his authentic self.

Stefan began to share his past experiences openly and speak out on podcasts about his struggles with Drug Addiction, mental health and the many friends he had lost to suicide.

This led to fronting a season of a podcast called Be More You.

"Be More You showed me the power of expression by sharing stories that can help others". Now, with the world opening up again, using that passion through his Music is precisely what he is doing.

Stefan has spent the last 12 months writing and recording his debut album "Cambridge", which is set to be released in mid-2023. You can hear the love for what he does in the lyrics of every song, best friend Aaron Schembri is all over the album, which has been recorded and produced by Chris Gatz (GM Sound Studios)


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