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2018 QMF Menu:

  •   Texas Cheese steak sandwich -$15
    12 hour smoked beef, caramelized onions and capsicum stacked up then topped with melted sliced American cheese served in a fresh bread roll. 

  •   Chicken Po’ Boy -$12
    Popcorn chicken tossed in Cajun aioli served in a bread roll with fresh lettuce and sliced tomato. Add-ons available: Dill pickles

  •   Chicken Quesadilla (veg option available) -$12
    A tortilla stuffed with spiced shredded chicken, caramelized onion and capsicum then covered in grated cheese and melted till awesome. Add-ons available Sour cream, Salsa, Jalapenos, dill pickles

  •   Texas Chili Cheese fries (low gluten) -$10**
    Pimped up fries with secret seasoning, chili con carne (beef) topped with shredded cheese. Add-ons available: jalapeños, spring onions, sour cream, extra cheese

  •   Buffalo Chicken Wings $10
    Twice fried crispy chicken wings tossed in authentic Buffalo wing sauce served with our signature blue cheese dip. Add-ons available: extra blue cheese dip, sour cream, extra wings

  •   Nachos Grande (veg option available) (low gluten) $10 **
    Corn chips covered in shredded cheddar cheese then smothered with our signature chili con carne (beef), covered once more in shredded cheese, Add-ons available: Sour cream, Salsa, Jalapenos,

  •   Popcorn Chicken N’ Waffles-$10
    Crispy fried chicken tossed in Cajun aioli served in a waffle cone Add-ons available: extra chicken

  •   Fries (low gluten) $5 **
    Would you like some fries with that? Add-ons available: large fries, sour cream, salsa, cheese

    **our mention of low gluten is what would normally be termed as gluten free but unless prepared in 100% gluten free environment it cannot be gluten free and this is why we say low gluten.

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